FiiO Dual Driver IEMs FH1 is Available in Blue Color Now!

Author: Publish time:2018-01-11

You've be attracted by the Dual Driver IEMs FH1 ever since the FiiO 2017 Autumn Launch Event or from its official release by early December, 2017? No matter from when, as careful as you must have noticed that the FH1 comes in more than one color. 


For the past one month selling the Black color worldwide, we've obtained affirmation and high praise from the market to this beautifully-finished FH1. With currently available Black color, are you still looking for a more vibrant color? Here you go! The FH1 in Blue color is coming to you!


Still remember the main features of FH1? 1 Dynamic Driver + Knowles 33518 BA; Standard MMCX connectors; Comes standard with both 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended cables; Hi-res audio certified……

Check out more details at:


The delivery for worldwide sales agents starts today! If you are considering about getting one, you can kindly check with local agents (at for its availability.


For better before and after sales service, we suggest you to buy from local sales agents. But if it's not available in your local market, you can kindly buy it at our Aliexpress store at:  >> Click Here


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