FiiO Q5, the mightiest Bluetooth/DSD DAC&Amp ever, available now

Author: Publish time:2018-01-18

We've been expecting for the Q5 for a very long time, don't we? After hundreds of days of R&D and debugging, it finally gets ready to say hello to the world!


A. About Q5


To start with, let's take a glance at the main features of the Q5:

※ Dual AK4490EN DAC chips for the ultimate in decoding performance

※ XMOS USB Audio to ensure a rock-solid connection

※ Certified by 3 Major Bodies (Hi-Res Audio, MFi and aptX)

※ Interchangeable amp modules, fully compatible with FiiO’s lineup

※ Balanced and single-ended outputs all in the AM3A

※ Audiophile-grade components (OPA1642 + MSP432 + Panasonic film capacitors + NJW1195)

※ State-of-the-art ADC volume control

※ 3800 mAh battery for longer listening

※ Powerful functionality (High performance USB DAC for computers, iPhones, WM-port players; world-class Bluetooth audio and one-stop shop for all of your coaxial/optical/line input needs…)


There's just too much of it!


For the detailed introduction of Q5: >> Click here   

For the introductory video of Q5: >> Click here     

For the comparison between Q5 and Q1 Mark II: >> Click here    


B. Available on FiiO Aliexpress Store Now

The very first batch is limited in quantity, so we mainly sell to domestic market first. But in order to meet the needs of some users abroad who are starving for the Q5, we now arrange a small quantity on FiiO Aliexpress Store: >> Click here. For this very batch, you will get a free leather case LC-Q5 (For its introduction: >> Click here ) and a lovely FiiO goat mascot. (P.S. Apart from the LC-Q5, more accessories such as LC-Q5i / L27 / L28 will be available for purchase separately.)


C. Enjoy Your New Q5 to the Fullest with FiiO Music App

Moreover, after connected the Q5 to your phone via Bluetooth, you can easily set and control the Q5 through the FiiO Music App.


D. Q5 Review Tour on Head-Fi

Before you make purchase decision, you are even welcomed to join the review tour that is available on Head-Fi : >> Click here   


E. When to Buy from Local Sales Agents

Last but not least, more stocks will be available soon by the very end of this month, we will update the daily delivery info and you may check with our worldwide sales agents (>> Click here) for its availability by then. For better before and after sales service, we suggest you to wait till then to buy from local sales agents. Please stay tuned with us!


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