FiiO Won 2 iF DESIGN AWARDS 2018 with the Q1 Mark II and BTR1!

Author: Publish time:2018-02-01

Good things should be in pairs! This iF design award winning news of both Q1 Mark II and BTR1 definitely marks a great beginning of 2018 for FiiO!


The iF DESIGN AWARD is all about the experts who select the products and entries which bear the iF label. In 2018, 63 international jurors judged 6,402 entries from 54 countries. 


After an intense examination and judging period, FiiO USB DAC & Amplifier Q1 Mark II and Bluetooth Headphone Amp BTR1 had won the affection of the jury and been chosen as the winning entries in the category of DISCIPLINE PRODUCT! 


About FiiO USB DAC & Amplifier Q1 Mark II:

Being equipped with the XMOS platform, it supports decoding up to 384 kHz/32 bit PCM as well as DSD256; Employs exceptional DAC and amplifier parts; Official Apple MFi certification; Four-in-one: specifically designed for the iPhone, supports decoding Sony Walkman, partners well with your computer and perfect companion to players; Come with both a single-ended and a balanced headphone output, etc.


Link for the introduction of FiiO Q1 Mark II:


About FiiO Bluetooth Headphone Amp BTR1:

The BTR1 uses the high performing AK4376 DAC to perform digital decoding duties, which can provide better decoding capability as well as its output power and signal-to-noise ratio; Supports aptX Bluetooth codec which ensures a stable, high quality Bluetooth audio experience; Also supports Bluetooth voice calls with its built-in omnidirectional microphone; Can last for more than 8 hours; All-aluminum body with metal clip, compact and easy to carry; The two volume keys on the side are easy to use; The BTR1 can be used with the specifically short FiiO RC-MMCX1s cable and can support two devices at once, etc.


Link for the introduction of FiiO BTR1:


The X5 3rd gen was the groundbreaking for FiiO in winning iF DESIGN AWARD. And we will keep up the good work and make more good products to bring more fun to you.


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FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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