FiiO Join hands with Emilai to further develop the Japanese market!

Author: Publish time:2018-02-08

Dear respected customers in Japan,


As you may know that Oyaide has been FiiO's exclusive sales agent of Japanese market for a very long time, even from the early startup! We respect and treasure the close cooperation very much. But after so many years of cooperation, owing to the facts of different company culture, value and market emphasis, we've came to the agreement for peaceful separation which meets the will of both parties.


Please understand that this won't bring any influence to you in purchasing FiiO products in Japan since we've join hands with Emilai to further develop the Japanese market. Emilai was established in the year of 2011 and always be active in terms of store display, audio shows, online media, magazine promotion, etc. This will guarantee that you can easily get the latest info of FiiO and buy FiiO products both online at (with more to be available soon) or at retail stores such as Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, and more.


We feel confident in providing great service to you with the join of the new exclusive sales agent of Emilai. If you have any good suggestions or ideas to us, you can feel free to drop by an email to FiiO at or contact Emilai directly via the info here:


For more info about Emilai, kindly check by below links:

Website:  /




Thank you for your kind attention!


Best Regards
FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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