Review of CanJam NYC 2018

Author: Publish time:2018-03-01

The CanJam NYC 2018 happened to fall in the Chinese New Year holiday! FiiO Exhibition Boy didn't have the time to celebrate the most important festival with family, but flew over the oceans to the Times Square to meet you guys.

Follow us to take a brief review to the show!


Apart from some popular models that have been released in the year of 2017, our new music player M7 showed its debut in USA at the show. Currently we are carrying out a crowd funding project for the M7 in China, so if everything goes smoothly, it will be released to the worldwide market in months. If you are interested in the M7, please just stay tuned with us for its updates.

Most of the visitors have known FiiO for a long time, so they need no further introduction but straightly sit down and try the device by themselves.

It feels so great to meet some fellow-townsman from Guangdong province of China here in New York!

They seem to say:"Emm, the sound is great!" Lol!

We take an active part in all kinds of exhibitions all over the world, with the hope to let our sound be heard by more and more people.


The two days CanJam NYC has came to a happy end, and we will meet you all soon at the CanJam Singapore from March 24-25th!

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.