FiiO Releases the Memory Foam Eartips HS17

Author: Publish time:2018-03-05

The memory foam eartips provided in the FiiO F9 PRO have been very popular among the users. In order to let more customers to get these lovely eartips to enjoy high quality music, we hereby sell it separately with the name of HS17. It comes with 3 pairs in the same one-fits-all size.


The greatest benefit of using the memory foam eartips is to reduce physical ear canal irritation and fatigue. Also, the HS17 can mold its shape to fit your ear canal exactly, much like a custom in-ear monitor. This provides the ultimate in comfort while wearing IEMs, further enhancing your musical experience. When worn, the HS17 effectively blocks out any sort of external noise.


The HS17 is suitable for in-ear monitors with sound tube diameters from 5.1mm~6.3mm, such as the FiiO F1, F3, F5, F9, F9 SE, F9 PRO, and FH1. Please kindly note that memory foam eartips are consumable and are not meant to be used over long periods of time. They can easily deform and become dirty – please handle them hygienically and change to new replacement according to the condition of your own.


Check out the detailed introduction of HS17 by below pictures or at:


If you are interested in the HS17, check with our local sales agent (at for its availability or grab one from FiiO Aliexpress store at:  >> Click Here


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