FiiO Lightning Amplifier i1 is Available in a 7cm Short Version

Author: Publish time:2018-04-08

The Lightning Amplifier i1 was welcomed by the market soon after its release. It has once been awarded as “The Best Accessories for Your iPhone X” by famous site MakeUseOf.


However, owing to the cable length of 80cm, many customers and friends voiced out their expectation for a short version to better enjoy the fun with ease. FiiO always places great importance on the suggestions and feedback from the customers, after spent some time on finding a solution, our engineers finally made it possible and changed the cable length from the original 80cm to 7cm with no change to sound quality and functions.


Check out the detailed introduction of i1 at:


If you are interested, check with our local sales agent (at for its availability or grab one from FiiO Aliexpress store at: >> Click Here


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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.