FiiO RC-BT Cable is Back with Over-the-Ear and Straight-Down Type

Author: Publish time:2018-07-24

In April, we’ve arranged a small lot of trail-sale for the RC-BT (Over-the-ear type only) on FiiO Aliexpress store and it soon ran out of stock with strong calling for re-stock afterwards. Today, we are glad to announce that the RC-BT is back and with two available types -- over-the-ear and straight-down.


The over-the-ear type is especially designed to work with the FiiO FH1, F9, F9 Pro and FH5, its standard MMCX connector means you can transform many earphones out on the market into a wireless set with the RC-BT. While the straight-down type is especially designed to work with straight-down wearing headphones, such as the FiiO F5.


Moreover, based on the feedbacks from the market, we adopt the expanding MMCX connector for the new batch of production, which allows for a more secure connection.


Check out the detailed introduction of RC-BT at:


If you are interested, check with our local sales agent (at for its availability or grab one from FiiO Aliexpress store at: >> Click Here 


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