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1、How to upgrade the X7 from FW2.0 to FW3.3.0? 2. The way to upgrade the X7 without changing Android system version 3、What's the difference between Android and Pure Music mode? 4、Why doesn't pressing Home or Back on the X7 take me to the Android homescreen? 5、Why can interference noise be heard when downloading or playing through WiFi? 6、When will the X7 support USB DAC function? 7、X7 App installation tutorial 8、 Why can a mechanical sound be heard from the X7 when earphones are plugged / unplugged? 9、Why can't I find the X7's settings menu when I pull down from the top? 10、What are the transfer rates of the X7? 11、What to do if my X7 stutters while playing? 12、Does the X7 support headphones with wired remotes? 13、Does the X7 support 200GB micro SD cards? 14、The difference between DoP mode and D2P mode of X7's SPDIF Out 15、When will other amplifier modules for the X7 be released? 16、Why my X7 can’t get push notifications for updates automatically over-the-air or why its download speed is very slow? 17、The video of X7 operation guide 18. Installation and usage guide of the new generic USB DAC driver for FiiO players 19.How to solve the problem with the Google Play Store on FiiO X7? 20. How to create external m3u playlists for FiiO X7 with M3U Dropper? 21. Instruction of the using the FiiO Music app in X7 22. How to switch between Android and Pure Music Mode? 23. How to upgrade FiiO Music app? 24. Brief instruction of ViPER Effect 25. How to solve the stuttering problem of playing an offline Tidal songs after about 15 minutes?

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