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1. Hot-spot Q&A about X5 3rd gen 2. How to upgrade the firmware for X5 3rd gen? 3. Does X5 3rd gen support quick charge? And what kind of charger should I use? 4. What kind of micro SD card does the X5 3rd gen support? And how to install/eject the card? 5. What are the differences among the X5 3rd gen, X7 and X5 2nd gen? 6. Instruction of how to use the X5III Firmware Upgrade Tool 7. What kind of playlist is supported by the default player app FiiO Music? 8. Can I back up the playlists created on the default player app FiiO Music? 9. What other FiiO products can I use with the X5 3rd gen? 10. Is embedded lyrics supported by the default player app FiiO Music? 11. Does X5 3rd gen support Balanced output? 12. Does X5 3rd gen support DoP (DSD over PCM) via Coax out? And what sample rate is supported? 13. Is gapless playback supported by the default player app FiiO Music? 14. Will there be SRC (sample rate conversion) for third-party apps on X5 3rd gen? 15. How to switch between Android mode and Pure Music mode on X5 3rd gen? 16. What's the difference between the Android mode and Pure music mode? 17. Why I can't get back to the home screen by pressing the Return button on X5 3rd gen? 18. Does X5 3rd gen support in-line remote control from the headphone? 19. Is replay gain supported by the default music app FiiO Music? 20. Does the X5 3rd gen support USB audio output? 21. How to update the media lib (scan for songs) on the default player app FiiO Music? 22. Five filter modes on X5 3rd gen 23. How to create external m3u playlists for X5 3rd gen with M3U Dropper? 24. Instruction of the using the FiiO Music app in X5 3rd gen 25. How to install a third-party app to the X5 3rd gen? 26. How to upgrade FiiO Music app? 27. Brief instruction of ViPER Effect

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