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The couple of things the X1 needs to be MUCH better

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I know that probably by now, what with all the Xx's out there, the X1's firmware has been taken off the worktable and will probably not come back on it. But because it's such a good player, I can't not say the 2 things that bug me very much about it and that I feel lessen it a lot.

1) I use my X1 on the DK1 dock most of the time. Every time I turn it on (or rather just turn on the menu, becuase on the dock it's always on, and the screen is always on, showing the battery icon... I'll get back to this) it tells me it's connected to the dock. So before I can play music, I have to click this message away, which is annoying. If the X1 tells me it's connected to the dock when I actually tether them, then it's OK. But, really, every single time it "wakes up"? I don't think it's necessary. Especially becuase this function serves no purpose. Yes, it serves none at all: the X1 reads a connection to the microUSB on the dock but nothing else; it's not able to tell you if the dock is connected to power and if the dock isn't connected to power, not only will your device run all the time without turning off, as I've already said, so it'll actually be drained in a couple of hours, the worst thing is that it won't play any music. The dock needs power to be able to play music through it. So a disconnected dock is worthless; it gives no power to the device and it plays no music, so, really, there's no purpose putting your device on a powerless dock. However, the X1 will still tell you it's connected to the dock... and not tell you there's no power... something it could very easily do, as it knows it's connected but it also knows it's not charging. This, I think, is somewhat of an Achille's heel of the device. I was about to return the dock and/or the device itself when I couldn't play music at home until I found out this detail.

2) This one is more of an aesthetic issue; and a small one, at that, which makes me wonder why it hasn't already been resolved. Fiio gives one the power to customize the entire look of the device's UI, which is awesome, because one can get it to look however one wants. Yes, one can customize everything... except the quick-search tool... that one isn't included in the editing package (I believe it was added later into the firmware... perhaps that's why)... so no matter what you do, the quick-search display will always have white letters (which I can't read at all with the design I made) and orange highlights.

So, to summarize: 1) Please (a) add a function that makes the X1 tell the user if it's connected to the dock but receiving no power from it / not able to play music from it; (b) if the device is connected and receiving power, please limit the "connected to dock" message to the actual connection stage; (c) please allow the device's screen to completely shut off whan not in use on the dock, in order to save the screen, who's screen life is being wasted. 2) Please add the quick-search tool to the editing package, so one can actually edit it.


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